January 18, 2017

I Made a Thing: Baby Booties

My first baby project! I knew the booties would be a new adventure for me in crafting, but the satisfaction of making my own little booties to cover my own little baby’s toes was enough to try. Guess what? They were easy to make! I had a few set backs in the written pattern instructions, but once I got around the wording it knitted up quite fast. Shaping the toe box was my questioning fault, as I’ve only shaped one project (child’s sweater) before and it was much easier to follow. In fact, the solution was to just knit exactly as written - it seemed like it should have been more difficult. I was my own problem in this project.

I used a soft DK baby yarn that was leftover from a past project. The color is a blend of neutral beige and white, so it’s appropriate for either boy or girl. The colors actually compliment a few baby clothes that were given to us over the holidays - we have complete outfits now. The pattern selected uses a ktog2 stitch repeat to create an opening for a ribbon adornment. I chose a simple white ribbon that James thinks looks a little feminine. I think it’s just fine for a brand new baby of any kind. I am pleased with how these baby booties turned out and will be proud to wiggle them onto our new baby’s feet when the time comes.

Baby Blue Booties pattern was found in the book Cutest Ever Baby Knits by Val Pierce. The ones I created should fit newborn - 3 month old baby. I omitted a button detail for a more classic style.

Yarn used was Bernat Softee Baby Solids & Marls in Little Mouse.

January 8, 2017

Looking Back

I loved, laughed, and lived more than ever. I took on new experiences alone in my thoughts and shared with my loved ones. I grew more in my knowledge of motherhood in this one week than in five months. I had a good week. This is why.

• We are taking charge and getting results, finally.
• I am venturing out on my own with confidence.
• Eating-for-two mode has kicked in and I’m enjoying this.
• Being aware of my body has become a constant.
• People are taking care of me, providing for me, and I am feeling loved.
• The new year means I can start knitting for Baby!
• Finding that perfect position on the sofa is my end-all comfort zone.
• Everything I see, touch, smell, sense is being shared with Baby.
• Mancala night with James is now my favorite activity at home.
• James in general. He works so hard to get what he wants and the efforts are showing.
• Guinea Pigs! We babysat a piggie for the holidays and she was a new face to love.
• Toby, too, has been very attached a loving.
• Finally clearing through the holiday candy and cookies means less to tempt me. I want to eat healthy but sometimes a chocolate piece calls out to me.
• Preparing for the re-opening of my on-line shop with updated style and new products.
• Coloring with Cylara for an afternoon.
• Greeting cards with heartfelt messages for my husband.
• Seeing Baby for the first time on a screen. I just wanted to look all day long. Seeing Baby kick out a leg caused the reality of it all to sink into my thoughts.
• Feeling action in my abdomen has got James and I wondering what’s happening down there.

January 5, 2017

Week 21

       The holiday season is done with (finally) and now is the time for baby preparation. We have ideas of what we want for a nursery and how to execute that into reality. We’re in agreement that IKEA will be a frequent stop in the next few months. Makes sense since our living room is becoming an advert for the Swedish shopping sensation. Several baby clothes already hang in the empty nursery along with a couple extras for Mama and Papa. Freshening the room and replacing the carpet must happen soon before we begin adding furniture. The excitement of creating our baby space is occurring! It’s all coming together now.

       Baby projects have been underway for the last week. I selected a few baby specific knitting books to inspire me, or at least, to overwhelm my decision making. One pair of adorable little knitted booties sit in the nursery, and a set of knitted blocks is in progress. Using my stash of soft baby yarns is a reward in itself - I collected so much without a notion of what to make. James selected a cute animal themed blanket pattern, so I have some yarn shopping to do once we decide on the animal to create. Maybe a penguin. Other than those projects, I can’t really knit much for a summer baby. My crafting will be directed back to my weavings and wall hangings, which have been ignored for the last several weeks. I’m happy to be crafting for myself (Baby included) again.

       I am feeling the effects of a heavy growing baby. The weight pulls me down and causes back pain and general uncomfortableness. To offset this unpleasant fact, I am trying to make stretching and yoga more of a daily activity. Already, some positions are becoming more difficult to get into but I feel so good when I finish. There must be some greater motivating factor to engage me into yoga, but I find reasons to avoid it. I was supposed to be better than myself, working for the baby, but I’m not feeling that mantra. The fact is, I need to be better than myself. I have to remember, this is for the baby.