May 2, 2017

Toy Hammock

This will be a useful nursery item. I had a pink mesh hammock in the corner of my bedroom with all of my plush toys stored in it. It was nice for me to see them all in my line of vision, and I’m sure it was nice for Mom to have them organized off of the floor. I wonder what happened to that hammock. Well, that gave me the inspiration to crochet one for our nursery. Then I can, too, hang it in the corner with all of Baby’s plushies and toys. More like my plushies since I have nearly all of them stored in the attic. They need to make home in the nursery.

I tried to follow a pattern, but I wasn’t pleased with the results or instructions. I made mine freestyle with a general idea of what I was doing. Some patterns instructed to make the handles separately then sew them onto the hammock. I wanted to avoid separate pieces so the strength could be better (and not fall apart at the seams, if ever). My hammock is made entirely in one piece, and if it weren’t for the size of the yarn balls, it could easily have been one continuous strand of yarn. I’m really pleased with this one. It’s a useful nursery item, like I wrote above, that will utilize space and add some color to the walls.


With size M hook:
Ch 16. Insert hook into first Ch and Sl St two together. This makes the first handle.
Ch 69. Count back 15 st and insert hook into this Ch. Sl St two together. We now have two handles.
Ch 55. Sl St into base of handle. This makes the shape and length of the hammock.
SC in the round, 3 rounds.

Change to size K hook:
*Ch 8. Skip 4 St, Sl St into next St.* Repeat from * to end of round.
*Ch 8. Insert hook into middle of previous rows Ch 8 and Sl St.* Repeat from * to desired depth. I must have repeated this step another dozen rows to create a large hammock.
Cut yarn and tie off, leaving a tail long enough to sew bottom together. Match up both sides of hammock so that bottom stitches mirror one another. With large needle, thread yarn through each stitch to close up the bottom. Tie off.

May 1, 2017

The Baby Gift Wish List

It’s finally up and ready for viewing: the baby registry. Sure, I’m just a couple weeks away from my due date, but I'm hoping for a later “shower” date since no one knows who we’re having. Makes the gift selection process easier on everyone, and we get an idea of what products we will need to make parenting a better transition. I started this several weeks ago as James and I were simplifying our nursery and baby items list. Then it evolved into a gift registry once we crossed off the items we collected. Really, it wasn’t intended as a gift list ever until recently when I was asked a few times if I had one. So now we have one. We'll see if anyone uses it.

April 28, 2017

Week 37!

I can’t believe I am now 37 weeks pregnant. I definitely feel like I am. My tummy is very big and the baby, too, must be very big. They move all about kicking and tossing and doing whatever it is they do in there. This happens all day and night long and I feel every single movement they make. Sometimes it’s too much for me to handle and I need James to calm the baby down. He just puts his hand over my tummy and talks to the baby until they cease to abuse me. It’s worst at bedtime. I try to fall asleep comfortably but that’s disrupted by an assault of baby kicks. I do my best to find a good position for us both and hopefully rest through their tiny actions. This child is a fidgety one.

We finished our nursery projects without a day to spare. I have been nervous about getting the baby’s room together but we did what we needed to. It’s all small tasks from now until we complete the nursery decoration. The crib is set up with a mattress and sheet. The dresser is repainted and assembled with all of Baby’s clean clothing folded nicely. I still need a rocking chair, but until I find one I will use my yoga ball. James bought some small accessories to put around the room and we’ll have that done probably within the week. What matters is that the nursery itself is livable and we have almost everything we need to bring home our baby.

James is always telling me it’s going to be okay, that we have everything we need. I have to trust in him and let go of my fears and feelings of unpreparedness. We will be okay. We are ready. Our baby is coming into a happy home.  Week 37